Major Roland “Wally” Blankenspoor (42)

This year Major Roland “Wally” Blankenspoor is pilot-in-command and captain of the Apache Solo Display Team. “Wally” has been flying for the Royal Netherlands Air Force since 1997. Currently he flies for No. 301 Squadron of Gilze-Rijen Air Base and is also Head of Current Operations. In this function he is responsible for the daily planning and execution of the flight operations for No. 301 Squadron.

Major Blankenspoor has logged approximately 3,300 flight hours, with 2,750 on the Apache.

In the 2011 season “Wally” took over command from Major Laporte who has left the Apache Solo Display Team. Major Blankenspoor built up experience flying the demo as first officer and is now pilot-in-command together with his first officer Captain Harm "Kaas" Cazemier.




Major Harm "Kaas" Cazemier (44)

Major Cazemier has been flying the Apache since 1998 and this is his second season with the Apache Solo Display Team. “Kaas” is now one of the test pilots of the AH-64D. His total flight experience is about 1,900 hours.

“Kaas” supports “Wally” during the demo by continuously selecting maximum power. Doing this, “Wally” is able to focus on flying the manoeuvres. There are standard speed limits and altitudes for every manoeuvre and during the demo “Kaas” tells “Wally” at which moment he can enter the next manoeuvre. This is a form of cooperation between the pilots that is unique to the show. It takes a lot of time and training to match this.

For the 2013 season “Kaas” took over the job of first officer from “Wokkel”. By this rotation the experience remains within the team, while the knowledge about the manoeuvres is retained within the Royal Netherlands Air Force.


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