The Apache Solo Display Team together with the F-16 demo team are the 2 official demo teams of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The teams are being used to promote the RNLAF on national and international airshows to show the motto of the RNLAF: One team one mission and to show its AIRPOWER.

Because of operational deployments the team did not perform any shows between 2005 - 2009 and 2012. Following 2010  and 2011 the team will again fly its demos in 2013.

For the 2013 season the team consists out of 2 pilots, 2 coaches and 4 technicians. For 2013 the team uses the pilots and the coaches from the 301 Squadron as well as from the 299 squadron. The 299 Squadron being the training and expertise squadron of the Defense Helicopter Command. All technicians are from the 301 Squadron.

The HAWK Q-17 is the dedicated Apache of the team for 2013.



This years pilot in command is Maj Roland “Wally” Blankenspoor and team captain of the demo team.  CPT Harm “Kaas” Cazemier is the new first officer. Both are instructor pilots and are among the top helicopter pilots of the Netherlands Air Force. The demo consists out of “Non Standard” manouvers and thats why the demo is only flown by test- or instructor pilots.


This years coaches are CPT Job “Blow” Verberg and CPT Boudewijn “Stance” Stevens. Both “Blow” and “Stance” work normally as weapons instructor pilots. Both coaches make sure that the team and its shows are flown safe and all shows are well organized. They also provide the pilots with feedback about the manouvers flown.


The technical team consists out of 4 persons who make sure the aircraft is in top condition for each show. They are also resposible for loading the flares which are used during the show. The team is capable to perform all the maintainance needed at the shows. The team consist out of: SM Erwin Veenstra, SM Michel  'Loeki' van Leeuwen,  Sgt 1 Joey 'The Joker' Boertjes and Sgt 1 Rik Kuijpers .