RNLAF AH-64D APACHE SOLO DISPLAY TEAM 2016 Klik hier voor de NL versie

The Royal Netherlands Air Force is proud to present the Apache Solo Display Team 2016 of the 301 'Redskins' Apache Squadron. The 301 Squadron of the Defence Helicopter Command is stationed at Gilze-Rijen Air Base.
The Royal Netherlands Air Force is the first Air Force worldwide that performs demonstrations with the Apache helicopter. Apache demonstrations are normally only performed by the manufacturer of the helicopter (Boeing).
The Apache Solo Display Team performs its shows this year at national and international air displays to demonstrate what the RNLAF stands for: AIRPOWER! 

The Apache can be seen in its original camouflage colours. The Apache is also equipped with flares, which are normally used to detour heat-seeking missiles. At the demonstration they are used to highlight certain manoeuvres.
The show gives a fair impression of what the capabilities of the Apache helicopter and its crew. The team primarily functions as a public relations tool for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

301 Squadron, Home of The Redskins

The demo team is part of 301 Squadron, Defence Helicopter Command, based at Gilze-Rijen Air Base.
301 Squadron delivers AIRPOWER with the AH-64D Apache. The Squadron has the capability for deployment to any conflict, be they small or full-scale in size.
Delivering AIRPOWER does not necessarily mean deploying its weapons. The 301 Squadron can also be deployed as a de-escalating asset to peacekeeping and peace enforcement missions. At such missions the presence of the Apache helicopter is enough to maintain the peace.
"Through wisdom, effective and immortal" is the motto of 301 Squadron. This motto is clearly displayed in the Squadron's emblem which features a centaur as the central figure. This centaur combines the strength of a horse with the upper body of a warrior displaying its wisdom and strength.

 Time till next Air Show !

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